Incentive Program & Economic Development Strategy

The Village of Southern Victoria is dedicated to the growth of our community in many capacities.  By clicking here, you can view our Economic Development Strategy, which illustrates the vision and goals for economic growth in Southern Victoria along with incentives for development in our community.

Our municipal council vision is to create an environment that encourages and supports existing businesses and fosters entrepreneurship. As a result, Southern Victoria will be seen as a business-friendly community that supports current business, encourages business start-ups, and offers a location for future business.

BUILDING HERE – For businesses or individuals looking to construct a building, we have incentives and initiatives to help you accomplish your goals. (homes and businesses)

STARTING A BUSINESS – We will assist all new business start-ups in their efforts to build sustainable businesses in our community. With partnerships and incentives, we will help your dreams of owning a business come true.

CONTINUING BUSINESS PROGRAMS & INITIATIVES – With various initiatives and programs available to new and existing businesses, we will help you access everything you need to make your business thrive in Southern Victoria.