Permit Information

When building or renovating in Southern Victoria, there are various permits and inspections which must be completed.  These include:

Building Permit (click here for application)

Electrical Permit (click here for application)

Building Inspections:  single units, multi-units, and commercial buildings (read below for more information)


To schedule mandatory building inspections, please call the Village Office at 273-4959 or Hatchard’s engineering at 273-0772.

You must do this prior to completing each construction phase. Inspections or re-inspections are scheduled within two business days of the inspection request.



PRE-BACKFILL INSPECTION - Foundation inspection ready for backfilling

The pre-backfill inspection includes perimeter drain tile installation, granular drainage layer cover, externally applied thermal insulation, waterproofing or damp proofing, window well installation (where applicable), column and strip footing placement or form work and a visual scan for evidence of any structural cracks or honeycombing in the foundation.

FRAMING INSPECTION - Before installing insulation and vapour barrier and after plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough-ins have been completed.

The framing inspection includes framing and structural details including floor, wall and roof systems. Truss bracing, pre-engineered floor system details and columns are also inspected. All cutting, drilling and notching of structural members will be inspected for compliance.

PRE-DRYWALL INSPECTION- Prior to the installation of drywall

The pre-drywall inspection includes (where applicable) any notching, drilling and cutting of structural members. The type and installation of all wall and ceiling vapour barrier and insulation is also inspected.

PRE-OCCUPANCY INSPECTION - Final inspection prior to occupancy

The pre-occupancy inspection includes a final inspection of all exterior decks and stairs. Also included in this inspection are interior stairs, handrails, guards, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and other code requirements not covered under prior inspections.