Batteries are HAZARDOUS waste and should never be thrown in the garbage or recycle bin. They can ooze harmful chemicals and cause fires.  Take your used batteries to a drop-off location such as the Village Office any time of the year, or bring them to our Household Hazardous Waste event.

How to safely store batteries at home:

  • Don’t toss them in a drawer with metal items like coins, paper clips, screws.

  • Lithium-ion, small sealed lead acid,button/cell batteries and alkaline batteries over 12 volts require terminal protection. 

  • Cover the positive terminal with clear plastic packaging tape.

  • Store them in a plastic container in a cool, dark place – room temperature but not in direct sun or heat.

  • Don’t stockpile them for too long.

Take Charge Contest for Earth Month (April 2024) from

You can drop off your batteries at 1131 West Riverside Drive, Perth-Andover.   

For more information, please visit