When the contents are gone, the cartons live on!

Cartons are recycled into paper towels, office paper & construction materials like wallboard.  In New Brunswick, 38% of cartons are being recovered for recycling which means 62% are still being thrown out.  We’d love to see more cartons being recycled, so please share this news!

 ALL cartons CAN go in your blue bin, but the ones you paid a deposit on should be taken back to your local bottle depot, so you can get your refund!

How do you know when to redeem or recycle your carton?

First, you can check your store receipt, if pay a deposit on beverages that are considered ‘pleasure’ drinks like eggnog, sport drinks, etc., then you get the refund at your nearest redemption centre. You don’t pay a deposit on beverages deemed as ‘nutritional’ like regular milk, liquid meal replacements like Boost, or fortified almond/soy/oat milk, or broth cartons, they can go on your blue recycling bin.