Ink Cardridges

 Ink Cartridge

Are you wondering where you can recycle ink cartridges and toner?

You can bring them to Hazardous Waste Disposal Day!  If you do not want to store the cartridges at home, then you can dispose of them in the following drop-off depots.

Important: please bring only original cartridges (refurbished ink cartridges and compatibles are not accepted in this program).  Small quantities are accepted at:


Rivière-Verte: Landfill Site
(248 Clément Roy Road, Montagne-de-la-Croix, 1-800-561-0456)

Edmundston: Resnet
(15 Jessome Avenue, 506-735-9140)

Edmundston: Fasteck Copiers & Printers
(557 Victoria Street, 506-737-1090)

Saint-François: Atelier des Copains Coop Ltd
(1710, road 205 East, 506-992-2739)

Grand Falls: The Merritt Press Ltd.
(208 Main Street, 506-473-3117)

Saint-Quentin: La boîte à papier enr.
(310 Canada Street, 506-235-2171)

Woodstock: Covey Basics
(127 Queen Street, 506-458-8333)