Waste Collection

The municipality is our own service provider for garbage and recycling services.  All curbside recycling garbage pick-up require items to be in a proper bin shown below.

Recycling collection days:  The first Tuesday of every month

Garbage collection days:  Every Wednesday for Perth and the LSD of Perth within the new Village limits and every Thursday for Andover and the LSD of Andover within the new Village limits.

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What can I do to keep our waste collectors safe?

-never put ammunition in the garbage bin
-never put ashes in the garbage bin
-never put hazardous waste in the garbage bin
-put garbage bin on the left of the driveway (more secure footing for the truck)
-never put needles or other medical waste in the bin
-face your bin towards the road (wheels facing the street)
-properly prepare to dispose of sharp objects (put them in containers and label)


Did you know that in order for your garbage or blue bin recycling to be picked up, it must be in one of these bins?  If you do not have one of these bins, they can be purchased locally at the Perth-Andover Building Centre, or River Valley Auto Parts (NAPA).  If you do not have the means to purchase these outright, we offer a financing program that allows you to pay for the bin over a period of 18 months.  We will add this directly to your utility bill each month.






64 Gal

$139 +HST

$120 +HST

95 Gal $162 +HST
$138 +HST


If you would like to proceed with the finance option, please call 273-4959 to make arrangements.  We can have the bin dropped off at your home.