Perth-Andover Electric Light Commission

Did you know??  by the Village of Perth-Andover owning their own electrical utility, the customers save in total $350,000 a year collectively.

Perth-Andover Electric Light Commission

We sell some of the cheapest power in NB!


Mini-split Heat Pump Rental Program

Available through the Perth-Andover Light Commission

Products & Services

The Perth-Andover Electric Light Commission offers a variety of products and services include residential, commercial and industrial power, floodlights dusk to dawn lights, mini-split rentals...Read more

Green Energy Incentives

Perth-Andover is one of the greenest municipalities in the Province of New Brunswick.  With the Tinker Dam being our sole source of electricity generation.  To encourage our residents to move from fossil fuel use to green energy, we are currently working on incentives for our community members for purchasing electrical vehicles, equipment, and/or tools.

 Perth-Andover has installed 5 EV chargers in the community
-Village Office
-River Valley Civic Centre (2)
-Public Library
-Hotel Dieu Hospital