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Population (1,590)

Perth-Andover is located on the Saint John River, 40 km south of Grand Falls near the mouth of the Tobique River. Perth on the east side of the river and Andover on the west were amalgamated into one village in 1966 and have a population service area in excess of 6 000 people. Nestled between the rolling hills of the upper river valley, this picturesque village is often referred to as the "Gateway to the Tobique." Ten kilometers to the west of the Municipality is the U.S. border and to the south about 80 kilometers is the Town of Woodstock and the entrance to Interstate 95 leading to the New England states.

History of Perth

In the 19th century, the region was settled by loyalist English soldiers who received land in lieu of payment. Perth located on the east bank of the river, owes its name to a Scottish city.  The local area was part of a trail for soldiers who journeyed from Saint John to Quebec.  Members of the Larlee family were the first settlers in 1788.  Dr. John Larlee (Dr. John K. L'Arivs) and his family lived near Larlee Creek which served as a station for military soldiers.
After the War of 1812, many land grants were given to the soldiers and they occupied the area. Daniel Craig was one of the first settlers after the Larlees.  The Parish of Perth was created in 1833, named by a group of men in honour of Perth, Scotland. Later called Perth Centre, then Perth Junction when railroad came, now Perth. The first train pulled into Perth in 1875. The first church was the Osserite Baptist.


History of Andover

One of the earliest known settlements along the Saint John River was called Tobique (now Andover). James & Robert Murphy were the first settlers in 1815. James daughter, Sarah (born May 16,1816) was the first child born in the settlement.  Sarah's future husband, Elijah Sisson of Andover, England, made the suggestion in 1883, that the settlement be named after this native town.  The first church services were Baptist and were held in the home of Mr. James Murphy, who later donated land for the site of the Baptist Church in 1826.  The first highway bridge between Perth and Andover was built in 1885. It was a wooden draw bridge. A steel bridge was erected in the village in 1903 for slow traffic, no faster than a walk. It was dismantled in 1958, when a new longer one was put in its place.   


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