Outdoor Rink

Each winter season, the local Perth-Andover Fire Department volunteers work many hours to prepare the ice for our community to use.  The ODR is located at 556 East Riverside Drive, Perth-Andover.  Our portable Waterfront building is moved over each fall to provide a washroom facility and changing/warming area for users.  This facility is the highlight of winter for skating and hockey enthusiasts.  This facility is equipped with video camera surveillance, and any damage, horseplay, etc. witnessed may result in individuals being banned from the facility or the facility being permanently locked.  PLEASE RESPECT our wonderful facilities.

The ODR (Outdoor Rink) Building Hours of Operation:       

     Daily 10am-8pm
             - The building will automatically lock at 8:15pm - be sure to get all of your belongings before then.

     Skating Only Times : Daily 12pm-1pm and 4pm-5pm (no hockey sticks, pucks, etc.)  
             - If no skaters are present, then hockey can be played.  


ODR fire 3