Trails & Waterfalls

The Trans Canada TrailInternational Appalachian Trail & Sentier NB Trail travel through the Village of Perth-Andover.  If you enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, hiking or mountain biking you would be sure to love our Perth-Andover Community Trail located just outside the municipality in Carlingford, NB.  A large portion of the trails that go through our community is paved for easy walking and cycling efforts.  The trail system in Perth-Andover is a multi-use trails where users use respect and share the trails.  Expected use on the trail can range from walking and cycling to ATV use, horseback riding, and snowmobiles in the winter months.

 kids trails


There are 3 major trail systems that travel through Perth-Andover:

As part of the NB Trail system, the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) enters New Brunswick at the border of Fort Fairfield, Maine and Perth Andover. It tracks northeast through Mount Carleton Provincial Park and up and over the highest point in the Maritimes. The trail then leads north to Tide Head and crosses into Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula at Matapédia.

The Great Trail, also known as the Trans Canada Trail also travels through Perth-Andover, with a paved portion that is enjoyed for hiking and biking in the summer months as well as snowmobiling in the winter.

The New Brunswick Trail is a vast network of trails (sometimes intersecting with other trails) stretching across the province. This trail is a multi-purpose trail, used by hikers and while it is restricted to motor vehicles, dirtbikes and ATVs frequently use it for travel.. This trail travels the entire province from Edmundston to Saint Andrews and Sackville to Tracadie-Sheila, in the north.

Trail users may also be interested in the following 2 maps
Quad NB Map and SnowmobileNB map.


Also located in Carlingford is the Tomlinson Lake Hike To Freedom Trail . This is a natural hiking trail of approximately 3km long that  follows the footsteps of the many Black families who immigrated from Maine to New Brunswick from 1850 to 1865. This route would have been North America’s northernmost route of the Underground Railroad.

The Tomlinson Lake Hike To Freedom has been featured in a 2024 National Geographic article titled "9 Ways to Experience Canada's Natural Beauty."  

Tomlinson Trail

Other short hikes in the area which lead to beautiful waterfalls are the Four Falls destination and Maggie's Falls destination. Also located in the Four Falls area you will find one of the Great Trees of New Brunswick. Locally known as the 'big tree'. It is worth a step off the road to see this majestic pine.

Four Falls, NB

This is a short trail, and mostly an old road, but there is so much to explore in a small area. Follow the old road down the hill and you will get glimpses of small waterfalls in the stream below. The old road ends at the bottom of the hill. Taking the trails to the left will take you to the main falls. Continuing straight on another trail that enters the woods will take you down to the Aroostook River. There are also several side trails on the left that take you to the stream below the falls.

Hiking in NB - Four Falls

Maggie's Falls, NB

Maggie's Falls is a 2.6 kilometer loop trail located near Arthurette, New Brunswick, Canada that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from April until October. You have to see this waterfall. It is the waterfall that just keeps on giving....with a series of smaller waterfalls below the Maggies Falls.

Hiking NB - Maggie's Falls