Code of Conduct

The Village of Perth-Andover Council strives to practice the following mission statement and guiding principals.

The Mission Statement of the Municipal Council shall be: We are elected to serve the citizens of Perth-Andover. We do this with integrity by being open, responsive, and fiscally accountable corporate body, dedicated to providing services leading to a healthy, well planned, and economically vibrant community for all to live and work in.

The principals that we foster are:

1. We will listen.

2. We will provide services that are prompt, reliable, and cost-effective.

3. We will continually strive to improve the quality of everything we do.

4. We will communicate openly and act with integrity and accountability.

5. We will display a courteous and considerate attitude in all of our affairs.

6. We will invest in the competence of our staff, leading and empowering them to make effective and proactive decisions in the workplace.

7. We will ensure our amenities are well maintained and welcoming to all.

Council Regular Meeting Dates:  Council normally meets the second Monday of each month

Council Meeting Calendar