Fire and Lotto Donation



To acknowledge and support financially, the important contribution of individuals and non-profit organizations in our community. Assistance will support areas of community services, culture, and athletics.

To promote activities and groups who build on volunteer work and partnerships, while taking into consideration the many requests and the difficulty in meeting all the needs for human resources, financial assistance, and material. As a whole, the support program rests on the availability of resources; since these are limited, the Donation Committee will grant support depending on its ability to do so.

Fairly recognizing and encouraging the efforts of the various organizations in the Village of Southern Victoria Area that do not fall under the legislative authority of any other level of government for funding and demonstrate a need for financial aid.

Funding for donations will come from contributions from the municipality and the PAFD. Additional financial contributions to support the fund would be accepted from individuals, businesses, community groups, etc.



Only organizations that are not for profit entities or organizations that can provide sufficient proof that they operate without profit to their operators, members or shareholders, can submit a request for support. The organization must be recognized as working within the service area of the community.

The maximum contribution during each calendar year will be $4000.

Special Recognition    

Individuals or groups (teams), who have earned the right to compete at the highest level of competition (Atlantic, or National Championships) while taking part in sports. Cultural programs/events will also be considered under this section.

The maximum financial contribution shall be $100.00 per individual. If more than 5 individual applications are received for the same group (team) for the same competition - no more than $500 will be awarded for that group (team).


Residency: Any individual applying for this grant must be a resident of the Village of Southern Victoria area.

Any group or team applying for this grant must have in excess of 50% membership who are residents of the Village of Southern Victoria area.

Individuals or groups (teams) must submit a completed application form to the Village Office a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of attending the event.


Individuals and Organizations who wish to be considered for funding must fill out the required application form which includes

  • Outline of the organization’s services and activities during the previous year
  • Amount and reason for the financial contribution request.
  • A listing of all other in-kind services provided by the Village of Southern Victoria (i.e. policing, mowing, maintenance, set ups, etc.)
  • Provision of any documents that the applicant believes would support the request.

The committee reserves to right to request a copy of the organization’s current financial statements or additional information that would be beneficial in evaluating the application.


Organizations are welcome to apply for each initiative once per year. Applications will remain in effect for 12 Calendar months. The deadline for applications will be April 1st and October 1st of each year.

  • The Donation Committee shall not commit to funding any single initiative for more than one year at a time.
  • The submission of an application does not guarantee that funding will be awarded for the initiative under this program.
  • The CAO will approve applications that meet the criteria for the individual Special Recognition.


The Committee will consist of 4 members - two from the Fire Department and two from Village Council.

The committee with full consent of the members may alter guidelines to reflect the intention of the funding within the existing mandate.

If any funding is leftover at year-end, the committee may hold over the funding for the next year or revisit previous applications for approval.

The Committee shall make decisions on applications in a timely fashion after each deadline.

Deadline to apply is September 30, 2024.

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The applicant should attach any additional documents that would support the request.